Laura Fair


LMWP Summer 2016 Writing Project

Rover and Luna, my buddies


5 comments on “Laura Fair

  1. loreykat says:

    This is our response to your teaching demonstration:
    * We love all of the writing being done in all of these classrooms; it is interesting to see the different approaches
    * Each of the writing activities, although centered around other content areas, could be used in the English classroom; it made us think about being creative in our approach to writing
    * We like the idea of the blind copy revisions. We’d like to know more about how you keep the blind copy process organized. It sounds really messy, but it sounds like you have it down. What does the organization look like? Is it electronic? It would be awesome to use!


  2. kkotowsk says:

    Teaching Demo Feedback from Katie, Rebecca, and Melissa: It was clear that writing does not need to be an “English” assignment in order for it to be effective writing to learn in multiple disciplines and grade levels. Great job chunking ideas and breaking them down into an organized way that was easy to follow. The examples that each of you used were effective and gave a lot of variety. Thanks!!!


  3. Comments from our group to yours on your teaching demo:
    1.) It was helpful how you reviewed Bloom’s Taxonomy as you went along and it applied. 2.) The writing to learn examples/assignments were useful, and we can see how we could adapt for our classes somehow. 3.) We liked the variety of genres you showed as options and how you give student’s choices.


  4. Fantastic presentation on Writing in the Content areas! You encouraged the connection of many genres and it was very applicable to all grade levels. You gave us permission, research supported, to focus on the content and clarity vs. the details of grammar and punctuation. You showed excitement and enthusiasm for all areas presented. The content presented and the ways we could elevate the learning through ascending the Blooms made great sense. The methodology and the research that backed it was clear and super well supported. Thanks so much!!!


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